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Countertops STL

Countertops STL

Whether you are remodeling your kitchen or bathroom or simply want to update the look of your home, consider new countertops in STL. Countertops can take a beating and they become dirty, scratched and outdated over time. You can easily and affordably create a new and improved look to your home with new countertops in STL. There are many different countertop choices and options available.

Choices for Countertops in STL

Modern countertops are versatile and durable and are available in a number of different materials. To choose the best option you will need to think about the look that you want to achieve and the budget that you have available for the project.

One of the best ways to view the many options for countertops in STL is to visit our showroom. Here you will find a selection of different materials, colors and design options that will make countertop selection easier. You will be able to picture what a particular material will look like when it is in place on an actual counter.

Some things to keep in mind when you choose a countertop include durability, style, color and maintenance. You may want to make sure that you choose a type of countertop material that is easy to maintain and won’t get damaged easily. It is also helpful to note that some colors show wear more easily than others.

Formica ™ is a common brand of laminate countertop. These countertops are made with laminate but they often mimic natural materials such as stone and tile. Laminate countertops are among the most affordable and are resistant to impact and last a long time with little maintenance required. They can also be made in a large selection of colors.

Natural stone countertops in STL are among the most beautiful. These include such materials as granite and quartz. Granite is a common material for kitchen countertops because of its luxurious appearance and durability. Since granite doesn’t burn you can easily set hot pots and pans on it without fear of damage.

Quartz countertops are non-porous and are manufactured under a variety of brand names such as Silestone, Zodiaq Cambria and Caesarstone. They are made using natural stone with enhancements to improve their durability and to resist scratches and to make them easy to clean.

Professional Countertop Installation

Our team of professionals will assist you throughout the process including choosing the material and overseeing the installation of your new countertop. We will measure the size of the counter to ensure that it is made to the exact specifications of your kitchen or bathroom.

It is always best to have countertops installed by professionals. Our installers have the experience and expertise to properly remove your old countertop and put the new one in place. Countertops are properly secured and will fit exactly so it will look good and perform well. We will provide you with instructions for care and maintenance so you can keep your new countertop looking its best for many years to come.



Countertops STL
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