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Mold Remediation Companies

All Pro Restoration Services is the most competent and reliable company among many mold remediation companies in Florida. We expertly remove the mold and mildew from your home to ensure you and your family are living in a safe and healthy environment.

When should I call a mold remediation company?

First of all, you should note that mold causes a wide range of health risks such as asthma, coughing, runny nose, sore throat, and extremely dangerous in case of close skin contact. This means you should not hesitate to call a mold remediation specialist if you notice the presence of mold in your house. If the mold is visible, then it's time to kill it and remove it.

When it comes to mold cleaning, this is an entirely different task from the usual housecleaning activity. Actually, no amount of vacuum cleaning or mopping will succeed in getting rid of mold. This is a particular task you should consider hiring a mold remediation expert. However, in case you observe any of these signs, you may need to call an expert to tackle the task:

  • Frequent water intrusion
  • Health effects
  • Discoloration
  • Musty odor
  • A large area of mold

How to choose the best mold remediation company

You can indeed remove the mold on your own or hire just anybody out there to do the job for you. But unfortunately, mold removal is quite different from mold remediation. Mold remediation involves removal and killing the mold permanently while removal is just extracting it from the walls. So to that point, you know why you need to choose an exceptional company with proper licensing and certifications.

There are many mold remediation companies around you and selecting the right candidate to tackle the job can be tricky. These tips will help you land the best specialist to handle your situation:

  • Ask for quotes and make a comparison
  • Check the company licensing
  • Ask for references
  • Confirm the liability insurance
  • Ask for the guarantee policy

Top-notch mold remediation specialist

It’s our pride to be the foremost mold remediation company that the community has put trust in for many years. Our high-quality and noteworthy services are the core point for our excellent reputation all around Florida. Additionally, when it comes to pricing, no other company can beat our affordability.

We've got the proper certifications from the National Organization of Remediators and Inspectors (NORMI) and IICRC.  We offer free mold inspection and estimates. On top of this, we don't charge the customer but work directly with the homeowner's insurance companies.

Let’s get rid of mold in your house

Mold remediation companies are many and promising to remediate the mold perfectly. This can true, but we're the outstanding professional remediator you can count on in getting rid of that mold, which is almost destroying your house.

Don't let the mold tamper with you, your family's health, and destroy your beautiful house. Contact All Pro Restoration Services. We’re here to kill and remove the mold on your residential or commercial building.

Mold Remediation Companies
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